Meet the Team

Meet Chris! As an avid animal lover I’ve had pets my entire life. In fact, I’ve been caring for and training dogs and cats for over twenty years. We all find our inspiration and passion in different places, and one day not-too-long ago I realized that what motivates me the most is my passion for working with animals. The inspiration for The Bark Bus and the work that I do comes from knowing that when I get home, my amazing boxer named Quatchi is waiting for me with a wagging tail and a big smooch. It was the easiest decision I’ve ever made to work exclusively with dogs and other animals on a daily basis.


At the Bark Bus we truly care for your animal as much as you do! After all, walking and caring for your dog is not just our job. It’s our passion!

Chris, Robyn and family…

  • have been living in East Toronto for over 25 years
  • have intimate knowledge of the best ravines, parks and beaches
  • are trained in pet first aid
  • are trained in canine conflict resolution
  • are fully bonded and insured

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Meet Robyn!
Robyn was born into a home full of cats, hamsters, and even an iguana. This inspired a life-long love of all animals (except maybe spiders), and a quest to fill her home with happy and cherished pets. As a volunteer with Boxer Rescue Ontario, she conducts home and phone assessments for prospective foster and adoptive boxer parents, and has intimate knowledge of what makes a good home for any pet. As a hospital social worker, she works with older adults and their families and enjoys every minute of it. At the end of each day, she loves nothing more than coming home to the furry goofballs she calls family (Chris included), and wholeheartedly welcomes any other furry guests that may stop by.


Meet Quatchi! Quatchi is a 5 year old Boxer who was rescued from a dog fighting ring in California. When Quatchi was rescued he was severely underweight and extremely timid. Through several methods of rehabilitation Quatchi is now a model pack member within the Bark Bus family. He enjoys running with friends, sniffing butts, and most of all, snuggling up with his Mom and Dad.

Cito Gaston & Lola

Meet Cito Gaston and Lola! These two litter mates are 7 years old. Although they sometimes bicker (as most brothers and sister do) they can often be found curled up beside one another on Mom and Dad’s bed. Cito Gaston (the orange & white tabby) is named after the legendary Toronto Blue Jays manager, and Lola (the grey & white tabby) is named after the Kinks famous song ‘Lola’, because of the grey beard she has on her chin.

This is our family. We treasure our pets because, in many ways, they remind us of what we wish to be. They are loyal without demanding the same, and they find joy in the simplest, smallest things. Their unique brand of love is the most literal definition of unconditional. Ask any owner about their relationship with their pets and they’ll tell you that it isn’t a one-way street. We benefit from our pets as much—or even more—than they benefit from us.