Welcome Aboard The Bark Bus.
Caring for your pets is not just our job. It's our passion.
01 Sep

The Bark Bus : Turn your dogs siesta into a fiesta!

Your shepherd will roam like a leopard,

Your Retriever will become a Believa,

Your Bull Mastiff will be active,

Your Cocker Spaniel will be able to handle,

Your Basset Hound will not lay on the ground,

Your Shai Pei will have one heck of a day,

Your Dalmatian will join the happy dog nation,

Your English Setter will never feel better,

This will be the clincher for your Doberman Pincher,

Your giant Schnauzer will say WOWZER!

Your Great Dane will say Again! Again!

Your Maltese will say THE BARK BUS PLEASE!

You will get approval from you Miniature Poodle,

Your Lhasa Apso will never be called fatzo,

The Bark Bus; Where your Shih Tzu still fits you and your Pug always gets a hug.  Your Husky won’t be crusty, and your Whippet will always say THAT’S THE TICKET!

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